TT-Hydraulics ApS - Consultants in environmental hydraulics



  • Pump systems, including water hammer, energy optimization and air problems
  • Sediment transport in sewers, detention basins. Self-cleansing problems
  • Unsteady free surface flows and pollutant transport in sewers, channels and natural waters
  • Long sea outfalls, pollutants transport and dilution, bathing water quality
  • Erosion and sediment transport on coasts and in estuaries.
  • Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling of structures as overflows, manholes, sluices etc
  • Stratified flows in estuaries and lakes



TT-Hydraulics Aps

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TT-Hydraulics ApS

Consultants in environmental hydraulics

About TT-Hydraulics


TT-Hydraulics was established in the spring 2013 by Thomas Ruby Bentzen and Torben Larsen in order to provide specialized consulting in hydrodynamics within the areas of hydraulic, coastal and environmental engineering. TT-Hydraulics is private limited company jointly owned by Thomas and Torben. Both have a long theoretical and practical experience within the subject area and maintain a comprehensive network of scientists and engineers nationally as well as internationally


Most often the service offered primarily includes a combination of system analysis and hydrodynamical computer modeling, where the work is presented in a report.

We are open for all types of collaboration as consultancy, knowledge sharing, quality control, professional discussions etc. Contact us for an informal talk about the opportunities.


Thomas Ruby Bentzen

Associate professor

Born 1977

MSc. and PhD. from Aalborg University


Phone: +45 22596579:


Torben Larsen


Born 1942

MSc. from, the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, and dr.techn. from Aalborg University


Phone: +45 21753142